Sunday, March 31, 2013

week off

Monday: I have a week off of everything since I no longer have a job until my extern is over, and my extern got pushed back a week. So I'm taking the week to do whatever I want. I went out with Rachel and Jonathan it was so weird. I stayed the night with them as well.
Tuesday: I was with Rachel we did some photos, and then went to Mesa. It's been so fun having time off, and just enjoying doing what I want. I am staying  the night again with them.
Wednesday: I started off just having a lazy morning with Rachel, and then we went out and about. It's feeling weird now not going to school or work, but that will change next week.
Thursday: I was again with Rachel and we had a nice time hanging out together. We did allot of little things and I had a fun time.
Friday: I had a good day full of stuff. Started off having to get a drug test for my extern which we didn't know about until today. I went took care of that visited my old job did my toes dyed my hair bought a cute hat and had yummy food. All with Rachel and enjoyed it all!
Saturday: Spent the day with Rachel at the Renascence festival  It was fun, but sad said good bye to friends, and then went home had dinner with her and Jonathan then home.
Sunday: I woke with a terrible headache so I rested and then enjoyed family time.

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