Sunday, March 31, 2013

week off

Monday: I have a week off of everything since I no longer have a job until my extern is over, and my extern got pushed back a week. So I'm taking the week to do whatever I want. I went out with Rachel and Jonathan it was so weird. I stayed the night with them as well.
Tuesday: I was with Rachel we did some photos, and then went to Mesa. It's been so fun having time off, and just enjoying doing what I want. I am staying  the night again with them.
Wednesday: I started off just having a lazy morning with Rachel, and then we went out and about. It's feeling weird now not going to school or work, but that will change next week.
Thursday: I was again with Rachel and we had a nice time hanging out together. We did allot of little things and I had a fun time.
Friday: I had a good day full of stuff. Started off having to get a drug test for my extern which we didn't know about until today. I went took care of that visited my old job did my toes dyed my hair bought a cute hat and had yummy food. All with Rachel and enjoyed it all!
Saturday: Spent the day with Rachel at the Renascence festival  It was fun, but sad said good bye to friends, and then went home had dinner with her and Jonathan then home.
Sunday: I woke with a terrible headache so I rested and then enjoyed family time.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last week

Monday: we are doing a lot of review for finals which happy Thursday. I'm so excited, nervous, scared, and sad all in one. This week has so much happening, and I just hope all goes well. Work was alright I'm just done with being there at this time of my life, and just over the drama and the constant blah blah I hear every day there.
Tuesday: school was okay we got told that our exams are being 'revised' due to some one saying that someone in class was writing answers for another student. This is the second time our class has been accused of something like this, and it's really frustrating  and makes me angry  We have been working hard to learn and be informed of certain things for the purpose of tests. Tests which now are totally being changed and we have finals on Thursday. I think it's totally crazy, and I hope we still do well. Work is still going well, but I'm done I've decided I need a change, and that I'm ready for it.
Wednesday: I felt like the only reason I went to school was because of the work I had to do in my second hour class. I felt like the review and studying we were doing were stuff I can do at home. So I left my last class early no one was working they were just talking so I took it upon myself to leave. Work was emotional for me I guess today it's just one of those days where everything touched me.
Thursday: I took my finals, and feel good about them except my ICD one. I do not feel good or confident on it in anyway shape or form. Work was okay I'm getting tired of having to go in the one year old class, but I have one more day left so whatever it is it is, and I am okay.
Friday was good at school finishing up things and getting ready for the next step. It was great to go get done and feel like I have accomplished something!
Saturday I spent the morning relaxing  and then the rest of the day with Jonathan and Rachel. We just hung out and had a lovely day
Sunday: I spent half the day at the Renascence festival with Rachel  We had fun, and then went shopping where I got a bunch of stuff for fairly good prices for working. Then came home and rested.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nearly done

Monday: School was alright it was kind of a weird day, but it went well. I came home and had the phantom alarm go off next door very weird. Work was kind of weird too, but nothing major happened. It was just a weird day all around.
Tuesday: wasn't so weird school went alright lots of getting ready for exams today. Work I was annoyed by my coworker, but I survived I just did my job, and ignored her. She really needs to just be quiet sometimes. I came home, and went with my dad to Costco it was nice to just be with him. Not that we did allot  but it was just nice to have some time to hang just me and him. Which doesn't happen allot  Everyone is gone for the week so its he and I in the house, but to actually just go out and help was nice. I needed it.
Wednesday: I went home early from school my back and head were killing me. I came home and did some school work. Same things I'd of done at school, but was able to rest better. Work was hard cause of how I felt. I ended up with the one and two year olds most of the time which made things so much harder for me.
Thursday: we did alot of reviewing at school getting ready for exams. It was just another day my headache went away, but my back and legs are still hurting alot. Hopefully work will go fast, and be easy. Work was alright I ended up in the one year old room again, and it's really annoying because I go in we play outside for a hour then the girl has us come in and she changed diapers for an hour. She could wash their hands and play with them, and I could get diapers done faster, but it's alright.
Friday: I had exams, and was done by 9 THANK GOODNESS my instructor gives good homework which is actually a study guide that we aren't suppose to get anymore, but she helped SO much by having us do those. I had free time so I went with Rachel to Wal-mart and her parents. I went to my meeting at the school for my extern site, and got all set for that, and then Rachel and I went to lunch. It was nice to spend time with her just chillin, and having fun in the middle of the day. I then went to work hopeing it would be a good fast fun easy day.
Saturday: Went to the Renascence Festival with Rachel, Jonathan, and Laura. I felt off for some reason all day, and it was hot so we left early. On my way home I had to come deal with the house alarm that had gone off, and then i spent the day and evening with Rachel and Jonathan. We just chilled and didn't do much it was just a chill day.
Sunday: I did laundry, rested, and prepared for the week.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

cool down?

Monday: School was not to bad just another day of learning and growing. I had a good day even when I poked my finger with my pencil. Work went really well too. No major complaints. I did hear the lady that helps find extern sites, and she had one for me, but my concern was the travel in my not so reliable car. So she has a few other options to look at.
Tuesday: School was not bad. I went early to meet with my program director, and she missed it, but we can try again. I am excited and nervous about my extern interview. I hope all goes well with it, and I am excited to go there. it's a behavioral health center so I'll get lots of interesting things, and the coding will be the same mainly. My instructor speaks highly of it, and said I would be great there. It's a new site for extern for the school so I'm even more excited to be one of the first ones to go there. Work went really well today too nothing major to say about it.
Wednesday: I had a okay day at school. I as really frustrated cause my program director was suppose to meet with me, and again didn't show up. How the heck am I suppose to get my assessments done with her if she never shows? Work was tough cause I was basically taking care of 8 babies alone. My coworker decided working on a board was more important than helping me with babies. One that cried for 20 min for a bottle cause I couldn't get to him. I felt horrible trying to do it all and not having any help. I was glad to come home.
Thursday school was hard because my mind is on my interview. I feel good about this place, but at the same time am not sure what will happen when I walk in the doors. I have knowledge and ability I just hope they will give me a chance as an extern, and maybe from there more will come. My interview went really well, and I am not in the process of getting set to be able to be at that site. I am excited for the chance to be there. Work was kind of crazy, but it went okay.
Friday it was a beautiful rainy day. I love the weather, but I woke up not feeling so hot so I went to school where I had a sub, and I tried to stay for all of my classed, but by the time my 3rd class came I couldn't do it so I came home and rested. Work went pretty well nothing major happened I gave mt 2 weeks notice. I had a hard time with it, but it's all going to be alright.
Saturday was cold, a little wet, but beautiful. Rachel and I went to the Renaissance Festival for half the day. We had a good time mostly shopped and visited some friends that work out there. Crowds were small it was great. We then tried a new place for lunch, and did a little shopping, and came home and chilled then had dinner. It was alot of fun nice relaxing day.
Sunday: enjoyed the warmer weather with Rachel, and had a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Warming up

Monday: I had a good day in school except in my ICD class where even the instructor is lost right now. It will get better, but right now it's a little challenge. I got my report card and I have all B's and one A so I'm happy. Work went really well no major issues and all is good for me right now.
Tuesday I went to school early to meet with my program director, but she missed due to the buses being late. So I'm trying again tomorrow, and then we had a sub for classes so classes were on he long drawn out side of life. My back is hurting, but I think I am finally better from being sick. Work went okay I had a fast day yet very long.
Wednesday: My back is still hurting, but I am doing alright. School was crazy coding coding coding all day and I was glad to come home and get a break. Work was weird I really didn't do a lot, but i did do a lot. I wasn't in my room really, but I did a lot of other things. It was weird.
Thursday: We got ready for exams tomorrow, but I feel very unprepared. I think it's just cause I'm so focused on trying to get everything else done that I am overwhelming myself. Work wasn't to bad it went really well and fast.
Friday: I took my exams and it was fast and easy for me save for my coding one, but I think I did well. I'll find out on Monday how it all went. I came home and did some laundry, and then I got to see niece and nephews it was a nice break. Work went well today nothing major happened just a good day.
Saturday I spent the day with Rachel and Jonathan we just did various things I got my toes done, and a new dress. It was a nice laid back day.
Sunday Rachel and I went to the Renascence festival watched a few friends do some shows and then came home and prepared for the week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ren Fest!

Monday: It was a cold rainy day, and I loved it!! I am still sick with this cough, but the weather was lovely! School was kind of stupid we just did the same thing for all four hours. I did get my coding projects done though so that was good. I got 80-84 on all three of my exams so I am happy with that. I have finals this week. I can't believe I am almost done it's so exciting and scary all in one. Work went really well it's tough being sick, but it's not as bad as it usually is. Maybe it's because I'm so close to being done with things that I don't let the negatives get to me as much. I dunno
Tuesday: School was alright I was very tired, but I managed to get through it. I did allot of nothing and felt I was wasting my day, but it wasn't bad. Work was fast as usual, and a little annoying, but nothing major.
Wednesday: School was kind of just one of those days where I'm there, but not sure why. We didn't do a whole lot to prepare for tomorrow's finals. We played a game called stump the teacher, and it was allot fun coming up with questions that the teachers didn't know the answer too. Work was weird, but not bad. It just was weird I dunno how to explain it.
Thursday: we had finals in class, and I feel like I did better on those than I did on my exams last week. I have evaluations and final results tomorrow so I'll know then how it went. Work was crazy I spent most of it with the 4 and 5 year olds. It was a crazy day, but still controlled. I am glad it's over though.
Friday: Evaluations went well I'm passing, I then came home did some laundry and got some rest. My head is killing me, and I'm hopeing it will go away before I have to go to work. I tried to rest from 930 till 130, but I couldn't sleep so I went to work with a bad headache. It wasn't bad at work it was just a long day. I came home did laundry and just relaxed
Saturday I slept in, and then spent the day with Rachel and Jonathan. We had a good time just hand

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Session

Monday: President's Day, and I woke up, and tried to go to the Renascence Festival with Rachel, and it was HORRIBLE after sitting in barely moving traffic for about a hour we decided to go to Goldfield instead. We had a nice time there, and then we had a nice lunch, and then called it a day.
Tuesday: Started new classes today, and so far going well I have ICD which is diagnosis coding, and that will be tough, but so far I feel good about it. My cough is less and I got my TB test done today, and set up 2 days of the week where I go in early to be 'assessed' to get ready for my externship. I am so excited. Work wasn't bad, but was very annoying, and I am glad I got to come home and not worry about it.
Wednesday: It's a beautiful cold rainy day. I love the rain here it always smells so good, and if I'm not driving in it I enjoy it. People can't drive worth anything here as is, but add a little rain and it's just crazy. School went well, and I am doing good so far. Work went pretty well I was mostly just doing whatever it was nice.
Thursday: I am defiantly in my last session of school. I had to do extra stuff today and got a bunch of homework. It's going to be just fine it's just really starting to sink in how I'm done. I woke with a weird dull random sore spot in my throat, but it's all good. Work wasn't to bad kind of crazy, but that seems normal any more.
Friday: School went well I got my TB test read and it's negitive and all is going well. It's a beautiful day today, and other than my side still hurting I am doing alright. My cough is lessened. I think these pills are helping. Work went really well I didn't  really work with the babies it was mostly 2 year olds and I had a good time. I even got off a little early and got to enjoy some quiet time to myself.
Saturday was a fun filled day I got up early and spent the day with Rachel and Jonathan we went to all kinds of places, and had a wonderful time.
Sunday I went to the Renascence  Festival with Rachel. It was a smooth ride out there, but it was very cold so we watched a couple shows, and saw a few friends, and then left. We met up with Jonathan and we ran a a few earrands, and ended the day with a lovely dinner. It was a great weekend, but it ended all too soon.